Main Takeaway: 64% reduction in seepage and Bio-Friendly

Rocky Ford Highline


To treat the 4.4 miles of canal, a water sample was taken to assess the water turbidity which is an indicator of suspended solids. The sample showed the water’s turbidity to be approximately 200 NTU. This represents approximately 240 ppm of suspended clays and silt in the water which is sufficient to get an effective seal. No pretreatment was necessary.


Seepage rate was reduced from 14 cubic feet per second to 5 cubic feet per second after CanalSentryTM was used. CanalSentryTM application reduced seepage by 7cfs. CanalSentryTM is as effective as standard PAM competitors in reducing seepage. CanalSentryTM dissolved more easily, the PAM and it is expected by modifying the application method, the impact of CanalSentryTM could be amplified.

Key Findings

The water savings from using CanalSentryTM to reduce seepage in the Riverside Ditch was 0.79 acre feet/day. 57% reduction in seepage.