Lettuce Soil Beds Without SoilSentry
Note the collapsed furrow, exposing the root zone. If left untreated this could impact lettuce yield. Click left to see what a treated field looks like!
SoilSentry Applied via Sprinkler Irrigation
Applying SoilSentry will prevent bed erosion and result in better formed beds.
4 Weeks After SoilSentry Application
Bed margins retain their shape, unlike in the untreated field. Just compare this to the next slide!
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Lettuce Case Study Summary

Soil erosion can affect crop stand, uniformity, and ultimately yield. Use SoilSentry, a bio-friendly, safe to handle solution that halts erosion and enables more efficient water use. Click through the slides above to see what a treated vs. untreated field looks like when SoilSentry is introduced. Using SoilSentry results in non-collapsed beds and intact furrows.

Try SoilSentry on Your Crop

Make the switch to SoilSentry and see the difference! Regardless of the irrigation system you use, our product is proven to halt erosion and protect crop yields. Want to learn more before you finalize your purchase? Call us to get the answers you need to make an informed decision.

SoilSentry Key Findings

Across all three case studies, SoilSentry outperforms the average competitor and is safer to handle.

Sugar Beets

Compared to standard PAM products, SoilSentry improves infiltration and is more bio-friendly.


The Alfalfa field was made more workable with the application of SoilSentry, highlighting the versatility of our product in heavy, medium, and light soils.


SoilSentry helped improve yield by making soil beds more uniform, thereby reducing seed spillage.